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I feel anxious for no reason and I have to go to work soon where it will probably get worse. Fuck.

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"My boyfriend/girlfriend won’t let me"
Excuse me
What was that?
YOU ¿ 
How lovely congratulations on your 3rd parental guardian”


But seriously if your partner won’t let you do something (eg, hang out with your friends)? That’s actually a GIANT RED FLAG for an abusive relationship, please get help or get out of there.

Seriously though. If you’re telling your partner they aren’t allowed to do the things that make them happy, you’re an abusive fuck. Abuse isn’t just physical and as a society that’s sometimes all we thing abuse is. But there’s way more to it than that.

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if u are a cis girl, here are some things not to say to trans girls or transfeminine ppl 

  • you do makeup better than I do!
  • you have better legs than I do!
  • you’re prettier than I am! 
  • etc

these compliments are just a way the disguise your shock at the femininity of “fake” women, compared to you, a “real” woman. stop. 

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little hetero things



color coding your infant children

Look, the red is positive and the black is negative and this kind of thing is important to avoid creating short circuits and avoiding electric shocks, deal with it.

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im going to get strong muscles so i can carry the animals out of sea world and put them back in the ocean

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I am not trapped in my body. I am trapped in other people’s perception of my body.

Ollie Renee Schminkey (via abstract-thot)
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